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original name: Altay
geographical location: Schuyler County, New York, United States, North America
geographical coordinates: 42° 26' 22" North, 77° 1' 13" West

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about placemarks

Placemarks are interesting places marked on the map. To add a placemark:

  • specify its location,
  • set the map zoom level by which that place is best viewed and
  • select the type of the place, e. g. castle, beach, sport stadion, etc.

Optionally, you may complete this information by adding:

  • url of the web page related to that place and
  • the description of the item.

Available categories: sport stadium, webcam, castle, church, street, square, airport, railway station, harbour, ski resort, accommodation, spa, beach, bridge, statue, building, museum, art gallery, theatre, cinema, education, shopping, waterfall, hospital, bus stop, village, home, mosque, entertainment, park, nature, road and restaurant. For webcams (placemarks of webcam category) the url information is mandatory; for all other types of placemark it is optional. If you think the placemark you wish to add doesn't match any of categories listed, contact us please and we will consider adding new category.

Important: it is isn't possible to change the title and the category of the placemarks after you submit following form. However, you can edit all other details any time in the future.

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